Index of /iso/2024.07.01/

arch/                                              01-Jul-2024 18:10                   -
archlinux-2024.07.01-x86_64.iso                    01-Jul-2024 18:10          1173389312
archlinux-2024.07.01-x86_64.iso.sig                01-Jul-2024 18:11                 141
archlinux-2024.07.01-x86_64.iso.torrent            01-Jul-2024 18:11               67299
archlinux-bootstrap-2024.07.01-x86_64.tar.zst      01-Jul-2024 18:11           137058847
archlinux-bootstrap-2024.07.01-x86_64.tar.zst.sig  01-Jul-2024 18:11                 141
archlinux-bootstrap-x86_64.tar.zst                 01-Jul-2024 18:11           137058847
archlinux-bootstrap-x86_64.tar.zst.sig             01-Jul-2024 18:11                 141
archlinux-x86_64.iso                               01-Jul-2024 18:10          1173389312
archlinux-x86_64.iso.sig                           01-Jul-2024 18:11                 141
b2sums.txt                                         01-Jul-2024 18:11                 654
sha256sums.txt                                     01-Jul-2024 18:11                 398

Arch Linux Mirror

Welcome to !

This mirror is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and is running on a 1Gbps connection.

This archive is available over http, https, and rsync(rsync://

To use mirror in Pacman, follow these steps:

  1. Open /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist in a text editor with root privileges (sudo nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist).
  2. Add the following line at the top of the mirrorlist file:
  3. Server =$repo/os/$arch
  4. Save the file (press Ctrl+X, type y, and hit Enter).
  5. Run sudo pacman -Sy. Now, Pacman will use as one of the mirrors to fetch packages from.

If you have any issues or comments, please contact me at

DISCLAIMER: I am not liable for any use, storage, or transmission of any files stored on this archive. This archive is provided as a free service to the public and all files are provided as is.

Hosted with in India.

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